Old Tree Lemon And Lavender Kombucha 750ml


Old Tree Kombucha is a living, fermented tea sparkling with life! A special blend of sencha green tea and full-bodied Assam tea gives  Old Tree kombucha a tangy, apple sweetness and floral peach aroma. Enjoy it anytime of day and night for a refreshing, invigorating boost.

Kombucha is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics from a slow, natural fermentation process. Probiotics are increasingly being recognised as essential to our health by making the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in in food more bio-available for our bodies.

With an ABV of just 1.2%, Old Tree kombucha is enjoyable anytime day or night, offering rich, complex flavours from the fermentation of Sencha green and Assam black teas without the lows of higher alcohol or sugar-filled drinks.

Deliciously sparkling, it mixes well with rum, gin, or your favourite spirit as well as all kinds of fruit and herbal infusions.

  • This flavourful kombucha has a juicy, floral aroma and soft, zesty flavour full of summer warmth
  • All-natural lemon and lavender hydrosols are distilled here in the brewery, using traditional methods
  • Numerous natural terpenes and biochemicals combine with kombucha’s fermentates to create a potent health drink

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