My recipes will be based on items available from Scarecrows Pantry and along with standard store cupboard ingredients.

What I want to try and achieve from Scarecrows Kitchen is not just to introduce you to tasty, family friendly recipes and amazing ingredients, but also give you more confidence to cook & produce dishes for your family and friends.

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Roasted Organic fennel, shaved courgette salad, lemon, honey and baked rosemary croutonsBy Justin GillamAn amazing colorful vegetarian salad with roasted Organic fennel, and courgette ribbons all combine with a sweet zingy lemon and honey dressing. Simple to put together, a refreshingly crunchy and vibrant side for those summer gatherings. Courgettes are amazing raw, using a peeler to shave delicate slices adds a fun look, the y are full of VIT C and a perfect addition to your 5 a day.
Roasted Squash puffed PancakesBy Justin GillamSo easy & So tasty, perfect little afternoon snack, healthy breakfast idea, amazing with fresh berries, a savoury starter, would even be perfect to make little ones for a Canape & once the mix is made it will last in the fridge for a couple of days, just make sure you cover properly. This recipe would be good if you had any left over Squash from another recipe or Pumpkin. For this recipe you will need a baking tray, non-stick frying pan, mixing bowl, whisk, ladle & a Pallet knife that is it.
Crispy Marrow fingers, Panko crumb, basil and black Pepper mayo dipBy Justin GillamI wanted to try and pimp up this classic British vegetable, instead of the typical recipes that are out there, most chefs normal recipes always involve stuffing and baking. Marrows do not have the strongest and deepest of flavors but what they are good at is absorbing, the inside flesh is very sponge like, so perfect to infuse other taste and create your own recipe. I've kept the basic of this recipe simple, meaning that once you have mastered the basic steps, introducing your own touches will be very easy and satisfying. example; by adding dried seasoning mixes to the flour, smashed seeds or nuts to bread the crumbs or by simply changing the dip you really can turn this into one of your own specialties, I've even served them tomato ketchup for the little man and he loved them as a dunker.
Creamed Aubergine dip, Garlic & Olive oilBy Justin GillamThis is a great way of your using your Aubergines, a hint of warmth but not too spicey & amazingly easy, will store in your fridge for 24hrs so you can get ahead.