My recipes will be based on items available from Scarecrows Pantry and along with standard store cupboard ingredients.

What I want to try and achieve from Scarecrows Kitchen is not just to introduce you to tasty, family friendly recipes and amazing ingredients, but also give you more confidence to cook & produce dishes for your family and friends.

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Whole roasted Cauliflower, Pork meatballs, tomato, spring onions and Chestnut mushroomsBy Justin GillamThis recipe is a interesting way of using your Cauliflower, it moves your thoughts away from just a Cauliflower cheese on a Sunday roast to a taste changing way of cooking. They do not have much natural sugar like other vegetables so will not caramelize with heat, so using a dry rub when roasting will really boost the flavors. I Have used Asian and Moroccan spices before that have worked extremely well but this time I'm going a little Mediterranean, with garlic, Tomatoes, Paprika, and lemons. The cauliflower will work with most meals, I've gone with some meatballs as this is a family favorite. My perfect picture for this recipe would be in the center of the table surrounded by salads, dips, pieces of torn flatbread and olives. This recipe will serve 4 people.