The big vision and personal passion of mine is to build a community based hub growing veg, composting and organic gardening with troubled youth that slip through the net. We are reaching people through our ongoing work with Albion in the community and forging relationships with A Band of Brothers, but we’re ready to take it to the next level.

The first big step towards us achieving our goals is going to be Scarecrows Community Composting. Using this to literally build the base for the non dig organic community garden. We are aiming to have our first crop in by autumn. This will be a safe place for the youth and the mentors/guardians to build, form and repair relationships.

We’ll be charging £15 a month for the service and we’ll pick up your compost when we deliver your veg box in Sussex(don’t worry we have separate sealed sections in the vans). In return, you’ll receive a 20l bucket of worm rich compost every spring, and get to be part of something amazing whilst reducing landfill waste.

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